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Online Video Marketing - Internet Video Optimization - Pittsburgh

Nearly 176 million Americans, or 83.3% of U.S. Internet users, viewed online video in May 2011 (source:Comscore). The number keeps growing.


Demand for video marketing and Internet video optimization is increasing due to the explosion of two major trends - the success of YouTube (SEO Pittsburgh consultant video or Internet Marketing Services in Pittsburgh video where I talk about Youtube Insight) and continuously faster Internet connections (broadband, DSL, and now FioS).  Consumer expectations of your online presence is increasing as well. Having a static website with some copy and photos is no longer enough. Customers want you to demonstrate your offerings,  tell them what sets you apart from your competition, and persuade them to choose you.

Create Your Own Internet TV Station

What if your website was also your own TV “station”? Similar to on demand cable television, your TV “station” would allow customers to access your corporate videos, commercials, interviews or TV news coverage with just one mouse click. Once created, your TV “shows” are ready for immediate syndication on a variety of video portal networks. So, your “shows” get viewership not just on your station, but also on the network giants: YouTube and Google Video, anytime of the day or night. As an added bonus, search engines rank and index video clips in their traditional search engine listings providing you with even more Web exposure.

Increase Visitors, Leads, Sales and Publicity with Video Marketing and Optimization

By developing an Internet video marketing program, you can generate website visitors, leads, sales and publicity for your business. What better way to get your message across than by showing your customer a concise and appealing web video?

Making Internet Video Marketing and Optimization Work for You

My digital video production knowledge and Hollywood film industry experience can help your business take hold of the massive power and reach of online videos by helping you create and distribute engaging customer-focused videos. I will assist your business in creating and executing an online video production strategy by:

  • Developing an online video strategy for your success
  • Planning the production of your web videos
  • Shooting your videos at your location with a state-of-the-art HD video Camera
  • Professionally editing your web videos for a high-quality finished product that is ready for distribution
  • Giving you optimized web videos that are ready for placement on your website
  • Marketing and distributing your videos online to top video sharing communities like YouTube

Internet Video Marketing and Optimization

If you already have video clips and need them optimized for Internet video marketing, I can work with a variety video formats. Get more information about Online Video Production services that bring customers to you.

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